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Welcome to Heinz and Charlotte Wehrli and their beautiful Alentejo Luminoso in Portugal,  a wonderful setting for the ultimate holiday in traditional Portuguese surroundings.

Nestled within the Alentejo countryside you will find this peaceful location adjoining a nature reserve and a stunning lake. Spectacular views make this a small paradise. On 40 ha of rolling hills, densely scattered with holm oak trees, we have created  a “modern” monte (Portuguese farm) using traditional building techniques. The farm consists of a dwelling house, a guest cottage, horse stables for 5 horses and a swimming pool!


Luminoso, the name of our home, refers to the exceptional quality of light found in this part of Portugal. Far from the fumes and pollution found in much of Europe, the millions of stars twinkling in the night sky are a testament to the clarity of the atmosphere in the Baixo Alentejo.


We have made our home near the Barragem Monte da Rocha on a stretch of land that gently slopes down towards the lake. The land is part of a nature reserve with a plethora of unusual birds, animals and ancient trees.

This area is one of the most rural and agricultural found in Portugal and that is its charm. Here you will still see the shepherds with their flocks, or encounter farmers moving their cattle along small dirt roads; in many of the tiny villages life goes on much as it did centuries ago revealing a vanished world. Acres of rolling plains are home to the famous cork oak, the tree most commonly associated with the landscape of the Alentejo, once known as the bread-basket of Portugal, where huge undulating acres of green turn to golden brown in the summer months.

The Alentejo Black Pig

The Alentejo black pig is not only a local delicacy but is found in the top restaurants and delicatessens throughout Europe. In our area you can see these animals in their natural habitat, wandering freely as they eat the acorns from the cork oak and holm oak trees – later to become Iberian acorn fed ham.


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