Spring in the Alentejo


Spring starts in February here, and even if we get some cold spells from time to time, it is a very pleasant time with lots of bright, sunny weather. To see everything grow, experience the days getting longer, the sun stronger, is always very exciting.

Now in the early days of April the temperatures are rising into the mid twenties, and lots of sunshine is forecast for the next weeks.
The rain we had during the winter months has been plentiful for the vegetation, but the lake is very low. The chances for it to fill much more before summer are very slim by now.
Lots of birds have returned, we saw the first Bee-eaters today and the 3 black storks are wading down by the water amongst white storks, herons, cormorants, duck, wild geese and many more

Its now the time of shearing the sheep, the geese are hatching, swallows are building their nests, all are productive in reproducing. The night air is filled with the call of the cícade, the little owl, the night jar, frogs


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