Impressions from a long summer


October arrived and the warm dry weather still continued. So many wonderful moments during a long, long summer.

Highlight of the last few weeks: the first lambs are born


Even in the height of summer, there are beaches at the West Coast with hardly anybody on them, right to relax and return home totally refreshed1610-beach-31610-beach-33

Morning walks and Lunchtime rest!!!



The water of the lake receded into the far distance, but still reachable by foot! Spoonbills and Storks were plentiful around until their time to depart to other places, lots of other water birds and tortoises are still around





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  1. Tony De Jaeger - 10/23/2016 7:59 pm

    We’ll always remember that long hot summer! But again, we had a beatiful time at Alentejo Luminoso. After so many times it feels like coming home and once we’re back in Belgium we look forward to the next holiday in the south of Portugal. Thank you, Charlotte and Heinz.
    From Tony and Ludwien.


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