Easter Wishes


1603 Easter (7) 1603 Easter (11)


Primavera, the portuguese word for spring: lots of flowers are out and the fields green. We had sufficient rain to keep the vegetation going, but the lake has not come up so far, the river hardly ever running, as the soil soaked all the rain water up the moment it touched the ground.

Spring has also arrived in the hen yard, with numerous hens hatching. Also our two geese have managed to find a suitable nest each, where they are sitting, patiently waiting for their 4 weeks to be up for the goslings to break through the shells! And there are still plenty of eggs for us to eat, and to paint Easter Eggs!

DSCN5307Storks are plentiful on the shores of the lake, you meet them walking on the shores of the lake,  stalking for food, gliding masterfully through the air or sitting in their nests.

1601 storks (13)

The horses are content in their lush fields, two of them having competed numerous times in February and March, doing really well and improving from time to time.

1601 horses (1)


There is big activity in the air, birds singing, frogs and owls calling, cats busy hunting or sunbathing

1601 Yin (2)1601 Yang (1)

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  1. John and Shirley Hall-Say - 03/30/2016 6:38 am

    Thank you for your Easter wishes. It was, for us, a lovely Easter with good weather and good
    companions. We hope that you, too, had a good time, probably with too much work!

    We look forward to coming to stay – it is the highlight of our year – and we look forward to
    renewing our good times with you.


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