Glorious December

1512 Weihnachtskarte email

We can look back to a year with a lot of sunshine, glorious warm days from early spring, throughout summer, autumn, up to now

Tomatoes and peppers still ripen in the garden, lettuce and other vegetables are growing very well

1512 garden (2)

Flowers cover the patio, roses keep having buds, and the tiny little camomile create white carpets on lawns and meadows


1512 garden (4)

1512 morning walk (1)

Even though the rainfall was far below normal,  we are hoping for some substantial downpours soon, it is so nice to still be able to sit outside in the evenings, to enjoy fabulous sunsets or sunrises


1512 morning walk (6)




Christmas seems to be far away, but it is around the corner,

and we wish you a very happy one and a content, peaceful fulfilled New Year

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