May, oh May

1505 morning walk (2)


The hay is made, what a pleasure to look at all the big golden bales, taking in the smell, feeling crispiness of the stems!

1505 morning walk (8)1505 morning walk (12)

Chicken and their offspring enjoy the grains falling out of the hay, or out of the horse’s mouth! They are all busy laying or hatching or looking after the young ones .

New members: a small flock of ewe lambs, breeding stock of future lambs, are roaming the field with the small lake

1505 morning walk (32)1505 morning walk (28)1505 morning walk (6)

and what would life be at Luminoso without the dogs!

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  1. Tony and Ludwien - 05/20/2015 2:50 pm

    Soon comes June, oh June. We are looking forward to be back at Luminoso and have a good time there.


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